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Day 10 Ramadhan - Step 13

Day 10  Ramadhan - Step 13 Sufi Ramadhan Secrets and Gems by ~ Sajad Ali ~ 

The Power of Istighfar – Astagh-firullah (I seek forgiveness of Allah).

Ramadhan begins with Mercy-(1st 10 days), its Middle is Forgiveness-(2nd 10 days), and Ends with deliverance from Hell-(3rd 10 days).

So as we approach tomorrow Middle is Forgiveness, lets talk about Forgiveness.

But what are the virtues for asking forgiveness? Know oh repenting souls that the spiritual power of Istighfar; that is saying Astagh-firullah its beyond measure and opens the doors to many treasures;
Istighfar removes anxiety and Duas are surely answered.
Istighfar opens the door of sustenance-Rizq
Istighfar opens the door to have children.
Istighfar opens the door of Mercy.
Istighfar opens the door of Knowledge.
Istighfar opens the doors from every distress and a relief from every anxiety.
Istighfar opens doors to happiness and tranquillity to the soul
Istighfar is also gateway of productivity.

We so often forget the importance of the simple yet powerful Dua-(supplication) – Istighfar i.e., saying “Astagh-firullah” (I seek forgiveness of Allah). Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) recited this at least 100 times a day. Let us see the benefits and virtues of reciting this simple beautiful supplication insha Allah.

"Truly, Allah loves those who repent, and He loves those who cleanse themselves." (2:222)
"O Allah! Make me among those who, when they commit an act of virtue, feel good, and when they commit a mistake, they seek forgiveness." –Hadith

Some of the benefits for asking Istighfar: “Ask forgiveness from your Lord; for He is Oft-Forgiving; ‘He will send rain to you in abundance; ‘Give you increase in wealth and sons; and bestow on you gardens and bestow on you rivers (of flowing water).” (71:10-13)
“The one who (regularly) says Istighfaar, that is, frequently repent to Allah for sins committed, Allah will open a path from poverty and difficulties. All sorrow and hardship will be removed, and in its place prosperity and contentment granted. One will receive sustenance from unimagined and unexpected sources.” - Hadith

“If anyone constantly seeks pardon (from Allah), Allah will appoint for him a way out of every distress and a relief from every anxiety, and will provide sustenance for him from where he expects not.” - Hadith

“The one who seeks forgiveness for Muslim males and females from Allah twenty six or twenty five times every day, Allah will count that person among those whose Du’a is accepted, and through the barakah of whom those on earth gain Rizq-(sustenance).” ( I have the Arabic Dua for this which I will post later)

When you feel that sadness within you, when you are disturbed and frustrated, when anxiety surrounds you, say “Astagh-firullah”. Whenever you are in distress start reciting Astagh-firullah, it and Insha Allah it will take you out of your anxiety and will put you in a peaceful situation and will give you happiness.

Reciting Astaghfiruallah is an effective method of calming our self and wipes away the variety of worldly worries from our mind and body. It may also help us, if we are suffering from depression, it calm us and lessen our depression. Astagh-firullah also helps us to refrain from all forms of sins. Regularly saying this reminds us that Allah is everywhere and in this way there is very small chances of doing wrongful actions.

The doors of repentance are always open therefore don’t delay your repentance in a hope of tomorrow, as tomorrow is uncertain , Repent now and make it a habit to ask Allah’s forgiveness by reciting “Astagh-firullah”. Say I believe in Allah’s mercy, I have sinned, I have gone astray, I have been negligent, but still I believe in Allah’s soothing mercy and forgiveness, I’ll not despair.

So recite, so recite in the Holy Month not 100 but 1000 Astagh-firullah times every day, the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is to recite 100 times a day but we are 100 times more of need thus 1000 times should be our target (In one minute, you can say “AstaghfiruAllah” 100 times or more) The virtue of seeking forgiveness is well-known, it is a reason of obtaining forgiveness, entering Paradise, having good provisions, increasing one’s strength, repelling harm, having affairs facilitated, the descent of rain, and increasing in wealth and children.

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