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Day 7 Ramadhan - Step 10

Day 7 Ramadhan - Step 10 Sufi Ramadhan Secrets and Gems by ~Sajad Ali~

**Divine Superabundant Raining blessings of Shahur Ramadhan***

When Ramadan begins, the gates of Paradise are opened, and the gates of Hell are closed, and the devils are chained up.” - Hadith, Think about that for a moment, Hell is closed so Mercy, Forgiveness and being set free and saved from the fire and the doors of Paradise are wide opened especially the Door of Paradise called of Rayyan for those who fast. So where are you.? And how are you planning to receive thisSuperabundant blessings is my Question?

The Meet the month with reverence and humility because in this month are divine manifestations and Superabundant blessings and goodness;
He increases in it the reward of a nafl recommended to the reward of a fardh and the reward of a fardh is multiplied by 70 times. Moreover some narrations have stated that the reward is multiplied to 1000 times.

Every hour of the month of Ramadhan 600,000 people are delivered from Divine Punishment, it goes like this until the Night of Qadr, then on that night the Rate of Deliverance from hell, then becomes equal to the total of those spared in the hours between the beginning of Ramadhan and the night of Qadr; it then continues like this until the day of Eid.

Heavens, earth and angels weep last day of month of Ramadhan On the last day of Ramadhan the heavens, earth and angels weep for the misfortune of end of Ramadhan, When asked What misfortune! It was said the misfortune of Ramadhan being over.

If someone who is destined for the Fire dies during Ramadan he will see that the gates of the Fire are closed!

The odour that comes forth from the mouth of the fasting person is sweeter in the sight of Allah than the scent of musk!

Why weep In the month of Ramadhan, prayers are accepted, charity is received, good deeds are rewarded 100's folded, punishment is waived, and sin are pardoned. But it should be us weeping that such a blessed month has passed, will we never see another next year?

Every month one should try to fast al-ayyum al-bid – [White nights] which is13th 14th 15th nights of every month as the reward from the 1st is 10,000 rewards, 2nd 30,000 rewards, 3rd 300,000 rewards.

Every Sajdah – prostration is 1700 rewards, and every nafl is equivalent of 1 fardh pray-(salah) and every 1 fard is equivalent to 70 time fardh, so pray-(salah) more much more in this month.

Only on Friday and Shahru Ramadhan there is no Hisaab – [reckoning] given if you spend your wealth. For you will be questioned on how to spent your wealth on the day of Reckoning, expect Friday and Shahru Ramadhan.

The garden of Paradise will be refurbished and re-decorated every month of Ramadhan and the maidens of Paradise will splendidly adorn themselves and be requesting for a suitor to marry.

No servant who keeps the fast at least one day of the month of Ramadhan, can possibly fail to be married to a wife from brides of Paradise.

Whoever provides Iftar –[breaking of Fast] for someone, will be forgiven for their sins and earn freeing from hellfire, also be granted the rewards of actions of the one fasting, without the one fasting losing anything. Even if giving a dried date, you will be rewarded. Providing a satisfying Iftar you will be rewarded by drinking from the hawd –[Basin] of Allah; you will never feel thirsty after drinking it.

In this Month Allah will ask 3 times "Does anyone have a request to make, so I may grant his request? Is there anyone who wishes to repent, so that I may relent towards him and accept his repentance? Is there anyone wishing to seek forgiveness, so I may forgive him?…"

Allah make us amongst those who reach that night and attain all that it contains. Ask from Allah in the best of ways because Allah does not accept a du`a from a heart which is heedless. Likewise a du`a from a sound heart is more likely to be accepted than a du`a from a tongue which is fluent.

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