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Day 14 Ramadhan - Step 17

Day 14 Ramadhan - Step 17  Sufi Ramadhan Secrets and Gems by ~Sajad Ali~

Our women are reaping so many rewards in Ramadan with their (Khidma-serving) from getting up early to cook and serve the men, never miss suhoor, for there is a saying actual a command that says, “Take suhoor-(pre-dawn meal) as there is a blessing in it” – Hadith another says “Taking the pre-dawn meal in Ramadan is a blessing, so do not leave it, be it just drinking a mouthful of water. For Allah and His angels send blessings over those who have taken the pre-dawn meal” – hadith. 

Look they are taking the blessings from Allah and His Angels by being up at that time, feeding the men and also fasting themselves. What do the men do?

Look how they don’t complain and get on with hard work and serve and keep serving even at Iftar-(breaking of fast. They get all this reward and from just from suhoor-(pre-dawn meal) and then get the reward of, “Whoever feeds a fasting person will have a reward like that of the fasting person, without any reduction in his reward.” - Hadith

The blessing of suhoor is spiritual blessing and physical blessing. The spiritual blessing includes following the command and example of the Messenger (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam). The physical blessing includes nourishing the body and strengthening it for the fast.

My advices to Sisters on their periods is, in the Month of Ramdan don’t skip suhoor-(pre-dawn meal) by pre-cooking or not doing (Khidma-serving) as you’re not fasting, no keep it up as Allah and the Angels are sending a downpour of abundance of blessings. For this is real Sufi Tarbiya-(the word Tarbiya means; education, upbringing, growth, nurturing) which many men have no knowledge of and need to learn this "Sufi Tarbiya". For many men they just grow their beards and wear a jubbah and then are claiming to be practicing, Really at what? when its practicing sunnah to do housework. Brothers need learn to cook and serve their women folk too and clean, hoover, iron the house too. 

Oh Ops the shaykhs and teachers never teach this in general, they love to talk about it in theory and in lessons but they need to put the emphases, that practicing the sunnah of housework is (Khidma-serving) for ones family and its a duty of care on them to help. For in Sufism the Doors of (Khidma-serving) are a spiritual door that “open spiritual openings” of the heart called Fath)

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