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Day 13 Ramadhan - Step 16

Day 13 Ramadhan - Step 16  Sufi Ramadhan Secrets and Gems by ~Sajad Ali~

Are we really fasting ? At what value is our fast? 100% or nothing by the end of the day? “Perhaps a fasting person will gain nothing but hunger and thirst from fasting.”-Hadith.

1st Ten days of Mercy are now gone (the month of Ramadan is divided into 3 parts or 10s Ashra's: 10 Days of Mercy, 10 Days of Forgiveness and 10 Days of Freedom from the Fire).

We have entered the next phase, (10 days of Forgiveness). This is were most people fall and lose, as forgiveness means to forgive all that have hurt you (unless it was pure evil, then you leave them to Allah to deal). We need to close that chapter, that door of our life and see it as a test from Allah and that is part of our Qadr-Decree from Allah. Our job is to approach and deal with it in a Merciful way, otherwise we are no better then the ones who are nasty to us.

“Perhaps a fasting person will gain nothing but hunger and thirst from fasting.” Hadith
There are levels to Fasting.
1 - Fasting the Body.
2 - Fasting the all Senses.
3 - Fasting Inner Organs Mind and Heart.

1 - Fasting the Body from eating
This is what we all do, that is not eat, which isn't that difficult, it does have some spiritual  signifies to the Nafs in that it will tame it to some degree, and allow you some control of it, as it calms down ones sexual drive and the energy to haram actions, which is fuel which without you cannot. Again it calms or tames the Nafs; "So it opens the door to the Soul to communicate with ones Lord". 

Fasting is the only thing or punishment that can Tame the Nafs no other Punishment can, as the Nafs is a wild Beast that cannot be tamed expect through Fasting, this is known when Allah 1st created the Nafs He gave it 100s of different types of punishments each for 1000 years it never listened, until he starved it for 1000 years and then it was tame or subdued and listened. 

2 - Fasting the all Senses
But what actually lessens ones fast? and this is what is forgotten by many today, fasting ones; Eyes, Ears and Tongue. Lets just talk about the tongue; it's lying or false speech, we need to avoid any false speech, as Sayyiduna rasulillah ﷺ said: “If someone does not leave false speech and acting upon it, Allah has no need for him to leave his food and drink.”

The worse that cuts holes into or lessens the blessing of the fasting is Ghiyba as well as being acting rude and all the are left with is "gain nothing but hunger and thirst". We should avoid rude and obscene speech and argumentation Sayyiduna rasulillah ﷺ said: “Fasting is a shield. If someone is fasting let him not speak obscenely or argue.” He also said ﷺ: “Fasting is a shield, as long one does not pierce it.” He was asked: “How does one pierce it?” “By lying or backbiting,” he replied. 

Just image after all the Lying, swearing, slander, backbiting-(is ears by listening and tongue), arguing on facebook or with family or friends all day which you have consumed up into your heart (by extension your fingers when typing is your tongue talking too). What are you actually left with is a big fat zero of a fast that you as the Hadith says "gain nothing but hunger and thirst". (ive only mentioned the tongue what about the wondering of the eyes)

Think about that Nothing, and you keep this up for 30 days, or worse you don't stop or learn and have being fasting for 5 years, or 10 years or 15 years or 20 years or 30 days and in all that time your Spiritual Value of fasting amounts to nothing! Stop and reflect that please.

My best naseeha for all who use Facebook or any other social Media; so pay attention, learn, adopt and live by this and forward to others. It's why so many people have issues with Health and Wealth, it's your Tongues;

"Abdullah in abbas said; Do Not talk about things that do not concern you, and leave much of does concern, and do not argue with fools or clement-(lenient/peaceful) people. Only mention your brother in ways that you would love to be mentioned taken from; Imam Muhasibi's Risalah al Mustarshidin.

Because of the damaging effects as mentioned in Imam Ghazali's Minhaj al-'Abidin, Third Hurdle Chapter, Subsection-(The Tongue -Lisan) it says; The Tongue affects all the members of the human body, either helping them or causing them disappointment.

Malik ibn Dinar said; "If you notice a hardness in your heart, a feebleness in your body, and a deprivation in your sustenance, you should that you have spoken about something that does not not concern you."

3 - Fasting Inner Organs Mind and Heart
This level of fasting which is related to the sicknesses of the heart - example: having evil thoughts like hate, or dislike which is called (Ghill-Racour or holding Grudges). It's actually poison, there is a saying, 'Holding a grudge is like drinking poison hoping the other person will die'. How strange is that, poisoning your own heart with darkness.

Fasting is ibadah and as I first said it 'Opens the door to the Soul to communicate with ones Lord', but Allah isn't interested in entering the hearts of those who are filled with Ghill-Racour or holding Grudges', as Allah withholds his forgiving Gaze on them, this is related in the following saying from hadith;

There are four categories of people who are denied Allah’s forgiveness in Ramadan and at other times. They are those who sever kinship ties, those disobey their parents, those who have Rancour in their hearts for other Muslims and those who are addicted to alcohol or drugs.

Those who are holding on to silly frivolous arguments and don't talk to friends or family over some stupid arguments need to fix those issues otherwise how do you deal with fixing your own soul that is broken with fragments of pain and arguments. 

These are tens days to restore and heal what is broken with your personal life and your personal connection with Allah, it starts with the 1st step of asking forgiveness to all even if they are wrong and you were right, that isn't the object as the aim is Allah, see that in your sight and grasp that as your goal. Read alot of Astaghfirullah 10,000 a day break it up into 5,000 in the morning and 5,000 in the evening or as your like but read it.

Make dua for all that you like and especially all your don't and see the Door of Forgiveness open wide and it will rain into your hearts and made its broken jigsaw puzzles into a whole heart of tranquillity and peace again. Finally thing about these Hadiths; "Allah the merciful shows mercy upon the merciful people. 

So have mercy upon those on the earth, so that the one in the heaven has mercy on you" and finally this hadith to open your eyes more, "The one who doesn’t show mercy on the people, Allah will not show mercy to him." - Hadith. So know that ten days of Forgiveness are here so show some Mercy and Forgiveness others otherwise “Perhaps a fasting person will gain nothing but hunger and thirst from fasting.” Hadith.

Be prepared to forgive others first, in Ramadan with pure hearts, for by Allah, abundant prayer, fasting and recitation of the Qur’an will be of no benefit if your hearts are full of darkness.

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