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Preparing for Ramdhan - Step 1A

Step 1A - Preparing for Ramdhan Sufi Secrets and Gems by Sajad ~

Ramadan - Warning! * Four who are not Forgiven in Ramadan and others who are Spiritually void or deprived from the blessings of Ramadan*

*** Fasting is about Self development and purifying the Soul ***

The fasting person is enjoined to guard all his faculties against disobeying Allah. The purpose behind fasting is not simply to refrain from eating and drinking, rather the purpose is to refrain from disobeying Allah and to achieve piety or fear of Allah. Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): “O you who believe! Observing As-Sawm (the fasting) is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become Al-Muttaqun-pious.” (2:183)

Thus Its about being or getting into the state of being Al-Muttaqun-pious, that is what Ramadan is about and teaching us.

"Fast is half of (sabr)-patience, and (sabr)-patience is one half of (Iman)-faith." Hadith And Imam al-Ghazali elaborates that fasting then becomes ‘nisf of the nisf of iman’ half of the half of iman.
So Fasting is one fourth of (Iman)-Faith' As for half of patience. This is because patience basically consists of staying away from bad deeds and persisting in good deeds. One of the major things that we seek to do is stay away from as many bad deeds as possible so that our fasting is half of patience.

Everything has a Zakat due upon it and the zakat of body is fasting. Zakat means to purifying' or 'making pure', so fasting is a means of purifying one's body to make it grow in goodness in taqwa.
Know that the Prophets were given Wahy-Revelation when fasting and men of God or saints are given (Ilhaam-Inspiration) through Fasting. Also the Nafs is easily controlled while fasting and so helps with spiritual self development of the soul and purification from sickness of the soul too.

So look into your hearts deeply and empty out all that you have of Ghill (holding a grudge, ill-will, spite, rancour, resentment, malice, harbouring hostility, ill feeling, hate, bitterness) and "Fast your heart from negative thoughts" and learn to control and "fast your Tongue" from False speech and and obscene speech such as(lying, backbiting, slandering, insulting and cursing rude language) otherwise your simply wasting your time this Ramadan and every Ramadan and fix any family ties that are broken if they refuse to make up, know that you have done your bit at least and only then will Allahs Gaze be Welcoming you to this Ramadan.

And When saying Ramadan Kareem think of its meaning Kareem means Generosity so be Generous with your duas, Your dhikr and ibadah, your smiling and be kind and helpful and give from your pockets to others and help others and your tariqah and be Generous in your forgiving those that have wronged you for the sake of Allah.

May the sweet scent of Ramadan's Mercy envelope you all, peace and be generous for the Gates of Hell are closed and the Doors of Heaven are now wide open, so what are you waiting for? Act now and make a difference this Ramadhan for the Ummah of Muhammad-(peace be upon him) Shahru Ramadan Kareem.

So you have been warned now learn about what Ghill-is how it affects one's Ibadah and Heart or read "My Sufi Purification and Development Course section notes for Muhasabah".

Do we want Allah to look at you in Ramadan or overlook us because we are bearing ill will against each other? Is whatever anyone has done to hurt us so important that we can not overlook it in exchange for an opportunity for eternal salvation from Allah's punishment? What about all of those whom we have wronged? Do we not need Allah's pardon as well as theirs?

We can purify our hearts and seek an opportunity for His pardon when we need it most, by pardoning His servants. Allah said, "The one who pardons and reconciles his reward is upon Allah;" Qur'an (42:40).

Tabarani relates that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, "A caller will call [on the Day of Rising], ‘Let him stand whose reward is upon Allah and let him enter paradise’ Then he will call a second time, ‘Let him stand whose reward is upon Allah and let him enter paradise’ It will be said, ‘Who is the one whose reward is upon Allah, Mighty and Majestic?’ He will say, ‘Those who pardon people.’ Then he will call a third time, ‘Let him stand whose reward is upon Allah and let him enter paradise.’ Then so and so many thousand will stand and enter paradise without reckoning."

Imagine being among that fortunate group and having all of our many sins forgiven and receiving our reward directly from Allah!

Part of the preparation for the blessing of Ramadan, is to pardon one another and all of Allah's servants. I will begin with my own sinful self. O Allah, if any of Your slaves have transgressed the rights You have prescribed to me, they are excused. I ask you to grant them and me Paradise, and that You make us among its dwellers whom You have described in Your saying, "We have removed what was in their breasts of rancour, brethren on couches facing one another;" Qur'an (15:47). I also ask anyone who I have wronged to seek their due from me and to forgive me.

“Our Lord forgives us and our brethren who preceded us in faith and do not place in our hearts ill will towards those who believe. Our Lord, indeed you are compassionate and merciful.” Qur'an (59:10)

Finally impress your minds on this; "No mercy will be shown to those who show no mercy, and no forgiveness will be given to those who cannot forgive others.” [Bukhari]

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