Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Day 9 Ramadhan - Step 12

Today 9th Ramadan is Urs Shareef of famous Sahabah known of his ('ilm) Abdullah ibn Mas'ud who passed away on this day, he was 6th person to accept islam, he planted Fiqh into the ummah that majority of Fatwahs of Iraq and the Hanafi Fiqh are based upon the Fatwahs of Abdullah Ibn Mas'ud. al-fatiha for this noble soul.

Day 9 Ramadhan - Step 12 Sufi Ramadhan Secrets and Gems by ~ Sajad Ali ~

Benefits and Powerful Secrets of last two verses of Surah Baqarah (285-286) Know oh Muslims this powerful secret that We have been favored over the rest of mankind with this Gift (Surah Baqarah (285-286) which is from the treasures trove of the 'Arsh- Thrones of Allah;

On the Mi'raj-(Night Journey) at maqam Sidratul-Muntaha-(a holy tree) in the 7th Heaven 3 gifts were given to our beloved Prophet peace be upon him: five prayers, Surah Baqarah-(285-286) and forgiveness of sins for those (that don't indulge in Shirk;
2,000 years before Allah created heavens and earth, Allah sent down from it two verses with which Allah sealed (ended) Surah Baqarah-(285-286);

If these verses Surah Baqarah-(285-286) are NOT recited in any house for three nights, Satan approaches it that house; if anyone recites it in his house during the night no Satan will enter it for three nights; if anyone recites it in his house during the day-time no devil will enter it for three days.’

If you recite Surah Baqarah-(285-286) Allah replies “Yes” your prayer-Dua is answered thus its good to End duas with these verses.

Authority of ‘Ali (RA) that he said: “I do not consider it fitting for anyone who has understood Islam to sleep (at night) until he has recited Ayatul Kursi and the ending of Surah Baqarah-(285-286), for they are a gift to your Prophet (peace be upon him) from the treasure which lies beneath the Throne.”

Sayyiduna ibreel was sitting with the Prophet (peace be upon him) he heard the sound of a door opening above and he raised his eyes to the heavens and said: “This is a door which has opened in the heavens which has never been opened before.” And an angel descended from it and came to the Prophet (peace be upon him), and said: “I bring you the good tidings of two Lights which have been given to you and no Prophet before you has ever received them: Fatihat al Kitaba and the final verses of Surah Baqarah-(285-286); you shall not recite a single letter from them except that it (the reward of the recitation) Will be given to you.” - Hadith

Those who recite (ten verses) from Surah Baqarah,Satan would never come near him or the members of his family on that day, and nothing he despises would come near him or the members of his family, and never are these verses recited over a madman without him regaining his consciousness." Hadith

These ten verses from Baqarah,verse are:
1. First fours verses(1:4) = 4
2. Ayatul kursi-225 and (256-257) = 3
4. The Last three verses (284-286) =3

How to cure sorcery: 
Finally Black Magic cannot touch and cures anyone who reads (everyday) the whole of Surah, "Learn Surat Al-Baqarah, because in having it there is blessing, and in ignoring there is a sorrow and the sorceresses cannot memorize it." Hadith

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